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Nude Beaches: Which Country’s Citizens Are Most Likely To Sunbathe Nude?

God bless the nudists. Expedia just released their very scientific list of nation’s whose citizens have admitted to sunbathing nude while on beach vacations.
The travel site enlisted Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey of some 8,599 adults in 21 countries to learn more about what people do on beach vacations. (52% of respondents said they were planning a beach vacation this year.) When asked the question, 320 people copped to sunbathing nude while on beach vacations.
So which countries bared all? Germans were most likely to take it off, with 15% saying they’d tanned in the nude; they were also the most beach-loving country surveyed. Spain and India followed in the #2 spot with 8%; Sweden, Denmark, Mexico and the Netherlands came in at 6%. The United States and the U.K. came in seventh with just 2%.
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