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As New York City has shown itself to be at the forefront of social change, and anecdotal evidence has shown that both toplessness and exposure in appropriate public settings does not harm, nor represent a nuisance to society, we hereby petition the great city of New York to set aside an area of public park land within the city limits for clothing-optional recreation consistent with the Rules and Regulations of the New York City Department of Parks and Regulations excluding Section 1-04(n).
 Since 1992, NY v Santorelli has given equal rights to men and women to be topless in public areas of New York.  While there were few women that took advantage of this right at the beginning, it has become more prevalent and legitimate over the past decade due to the efforts of groups like the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society and social action campaigns like Free the Nipple.  These groups have continuously demonstrated that the stated purpose of laws like Section 245.01 of New York State Law – to “protect parents and children… ‘from the discomfort caused by unwelcome public nudity’ “ (NY v Santorelli, 1992 Titone, J concur) – are erroneous in their assumptions, and therefore these laws are unnecessary and unwarranted.
 Moreover, events like the World Naked Bike Ride and NYC Bodypainting Day have shown that this stated purpose is in error with regards to exposure in general, therefore negating the entire purpose of this section of the law.
 Clothing-optional areas that have been set aside in other communities have not shown an increase in public disturbances, and, in fact, have been shown to be good at self regulating their community.  As expressed by sociologist Martin S. Weinberg in Sexual Modesty, Social Meaning, and the Nudist Camp (1965), the rules and customs observed [in clothing-optional public settings] were sufficient to maintain modesty (defined as a form of reserve) and, participants were as modest as their clothed counterparts.
 A recent poll conducted for the Naturist Education Foundation showed strong public support for public nude recreation.  This includes strong public support for nude sunbathing and significant rejection of the claim that the majority of Americans are personally offended by the non-sexual nudity of others. (The independent poll was conducted by the prestigious Zogby Analytics polling firm. Naturist Education Foundation Poll Results )
 Government has the responsibility to represent the citizens of its community and to provide the lawful and decent services requested by that community.  Therefore, we humbly request an area of public park land within New York City be designated for clothing-optional use.  This area would be subject to all of the same rules and regulations as any other public park area other than the regulation on exposure.

This petition created on behalf of a group on Facebook that works to educate the general public about the rights of those citizens who choose clothes free recreation.  We are working to educate and gain equal rights of those citizens who choose the clothes free lifestyle.  For more information visit one our petition planning group at:
or our general information website about the clothing optional lifestyle at:

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FG_AUTHORS: Guy Purcella

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